About Us

At Mission Brew Coffee, the mission is to serve people quality coffee in a friendly environment and to give back to the surrounding community.

Our passion is coffee, but our focus is service. Mission Brew Coffee baristas will greet every customer with a smile and genuinely strive to know their stories. We seek to give our customers a positive experience through the uplifting and energizing spirit found in our friendly baristas. We will further foster a culture of service and giving by hosting regular community service projects and giving back to local neighborhoods in San Diego.

We have selected only the highest quality coffees to serve to our customers and have ensured that those coffees are also environmentally and socially conscious, sourced only from San Diego roasters. We expect to invest a significant amount of time and effort training our baristas in their craft, always stressing customer service. We hope that the result will be a customer experience that goes well beyond what can be found at other coffee establishments.

It all started when...

In the late summer of 2012, Jeremy, Kevin and Josh started their plan to bring quality coffee to people in San Diego, California with an intentional focus on building relationships with customers.
They chose Mission Brew Coffee as the name of that venture not only because of the connection to San Diego as a “Mission City” but also because of their commitment to fulfill a “Mission” that goes far beyond coffee.